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Where is my Pregnancy Glow?


When you read or hear people talk about being pregnant, 90% of it is all about how much fun it was, the glow and that it is a blessing. The not so fun side of it is something that you experience on your own, or hear about only after you are already pregnant. So, there is no time to prepare for it.

There is the constant nausea during the first trimester, which is also the time, your jeans stop fitting you. The rest of your wardrobe ceases to fit midway into the second trimester, and any new clothes you buy will be too tight within a couple of weeks. I am yet to find pregnancy jeans anywhere here in India, so have basically been living in loose kurtis and leggings.

My Pregnancy Attire

My Pregnancy Attire

And do you have any idea how difficult it is to apply or remove nail color! I mean you literally have to go into Yogic poses to reach your toes. Waxing is a strict no-no from the doctor, as the pain could trigger early labor. And all that squatting to pick anything from a lower shelf or something that you dropped kills your thigh muscles, if you did not include squatting in your pre-pregnancy exercise routine.

Sleeping on your side, while supporting your belly on a pillow makes it difficult to turn or find a comfortable position. Half the time the pillow ends up on the floor mostly with the cover somewhere else. And even the most simple acts of sitting and getting up from a couch can get troublesome towards the end of your second trimester.

A lot of these things you only find out about when you are reading the pregnancy books. I wish that articles covered more beside the glow, so that one is a little prepared. Also, people should be a little less judgmental if someone decides to say that the pregnancy was not all fun.

I am not saying it is all bad, looking at the sonogram and trying to predict a boy or a girl, and identifying body parts definitely has its moments. So is pressing your belly and waiting for a kicking response. Trust me it is so much fun and weird at the same time that someone that tiny already boasts of intelligence.

If you are pregnant and reading, or planning of trying for a baby, just know that there are others like you who are having trouble and it is not smooth sailing all the way for them either. Enjoy the parts that you do and cherish them, and ignore the people who judge.