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Tips to survive Indian Parties

Mini Lettuce Wraps

Mini Lettuce Wraps

Mushroom Bruschettas

Mushroom Bruschettas

So parties in India have their own charm – something that sets them apart from what you might find in other cultures.

Having attended and hosted a few of them over the past years here is my take on what happens at them. Fair warning though, you might not agree with my opinion.

  1. No party starts on time. Even if you tell people to come by 7 (when ideally you want them to show up by 7:30), no one will come before 8:30/9 PM
  2. Food is the most important thing at the party. You can have great drinks, music, games, etc. But everyone remembers just the food. So don’t be surprised if while deciding on a party menu you get into arguements with family 😉
  3. Aunties invariably always find or “help themselves” to the kitchen of the hosting house. And while some do help, most do a great job in highlighting your shortcomings. On the bright side, this makes for a great practice in self control and patience.
  4. There will always be the one guest who decides that they can make their entrance felt way past the standard 1.5 hour delay.
  5. There will, also, always be the one that decides the party can just keep going on and on. On such instances, take turns heading up to your respective bedrooms and hope the guest gets a clue.
  6. Definition of good hosts  = make sure everyone eats and don’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to second or third helpings.
  7. If you have babies, wait for it, guests will think it’s their right to wake the baby up because they came to see the baby. It doesn’t matter that they came way past the baby’s bedtime. Yoga comes to the rescue again 🙂
  8. There will be the one guest who will sulk till they get their fair share of attention. Please be ready with topics that are of great interests of these guests.
  9. Good party guests means you smile continuously, speak with everyone, and don’t complain even if food is served past midnight.
  10. In Indian parties there will be a clear divide between the gents and ladies of the parties. They have their own separate corners and dare you make the mistake of sitting on the other side. However, this custom is slowly changing 🙂

All this apart, these parties are fun and if you can pull off one as a good host, then KUDOS to you. Can you resonate with any of these party trends?