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Teach for India: Take 2…Year 2

Ramesh concentrating on his design

Ramesh concentrating on his design

Two weeks of school complete!! YAY!!! Week 1 was good, but week 2 was a struggle. My co-fellows and I were constantly saying how our kids are getting to us and we are to them and school has only started. My thoughts take me back to the exactly the same time last year when I pretty much left my class crying. That Thursday is forever etched in my mind.

Coming back to the present, while planning my week I could not think of a better way to end it. I had my class do a project inspired by the artwork of Henry Matisse. For the next twenty minutes my kids and I probably had the best time we had this entire week. Cutting paper, thinking about designs, helping each other and making something beautiful.

Matisse said that his art really kept him going during the tough days. And right now I can’t agree more. Seeing the kids get so excited and enjoying this activity just made this tough week worthwhile. I can’t wait to see what these kids come back with on Monday!

Rohan's beautiful Matisse inspired craft

Rohan’s beautiful Matisse inspired craft


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