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Wednesday Evenings


A bit delayed, but this is my version of a typical mid-week evening/night. I consider my evenings starting from the time Vivaan wakes up from his nap (around 4:30 pm) until he goes to sleep at night (around 10 pm).

Usually by the time my son is awake, the maid also shows up to do the dishes. In the meantime, I get my son to either have a glass of milk or have a snack, and we play for a while and do some reading. Once, the maid leaves I get dinner ready before we head out to the playground (around 6:30 pm) at the condo complex next door for around an hour. If my husband gets home around this time, he comes along with us, or then he tries to join us when he gets back.

Reading a fav: Gingerbread Man

Reading a fav: Gingerbread Man

Today however my husband was back early, but our son just did not want to go to the playground. So, we played with blocks, read a few books, and got him drink his milk. I got dinner prepared, and we decided to go for a drive instead and pick a few eatables. It usually takes us a good 20 minutes to get Vivaan to dress up and brush his hair. Comparatively, today was relatively quick, with him just picking out one tee shirt and a single pair of pants.

On the way back from the supermarket however, my son changed his mind and wanted to go play so we headed to the playground. He absolutely loves going on the swings, and walking up the slides and coming down on his stomach.

Slide time

Slide time

Once we got back, my husband got my son cleaned up and I baked a quick microwave cake. I was thinking of trying a vanilla but my son wanted chocolate, so chocolate it was. Plus, he loves cutting cakes and having everyone sing Happy birthday for me. Today was probably the 10th time this year.WP_20150715_029

Vivaan skyped with his grandparents for a bit, which we usually do once a day and then the three of us sat down for dinner. Vivaan is getting better with his meals, and I don’t have to entertain him or distract him in order to get him to eat. So, we can all finally eat dinner at the same time!

And since he woke up from his afternoon nap early, Vivaan was ready to sleep earlier and was dozing off by 9:30, which is completely rare for him. But, gave me time to post. Good night folks!