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Guest Diaries: Working in India


Hello Readers, we thought we would mix up the routine a bit and feature some guest bloggers. This week’s guest blogger, albeit a new one, is my sister. She too made the journey across two oceans (Atlantic & Indian) to try life in India. 

Say hello to the newest member of the professional working world, me! I have to say I have started my employment journey not in US (as I was hoping to), but in India itself, which is a big change may I add. My linkedin job status is only a day old, but I already have a couple of aspects to address regarding working in India. And, I will highlight again, this is whole different culture.

Though I don’t have vast experience working in US, I have had a handful of part-time positions while studying and myriad of Styling for workobservations through my work-a-holic friends. Thus, starting here in India, I have set myself for a whole different ball game. For instance, yesterday while talking with the HR manager, I was introduced to the concept to tea breaks. We have two allotted tea breaks, one in the morning, and one in afternoon spanning for 15 minutes each. These breaks are supposed to allow for some discussion about our projects, but mainly are a chance to revive some energy by enjoying hot, piping chai (tea), enjoy bits of juicy gossip, and munch on some laughs. I have experienced this, and am thankful for the breaks as 8 and half hours of just sitting is not really my cup of tea. The HR was also very helpful to point out that office hours are strictly from 9:00am to 5:30pm. This means that coming in early and leaving early does not work, contrary to the US where completing 8 hours in whatever time frame is justifiable. I was already being told that I coming in at 8:30 am was not really going to work. So in short, what pops into my head is strict rules that one has to follow. Am not saying one working in US does not have to follow basic guidelines, but there are flexibilities to what is the norm of following office duties. As for here, I think rules serve as a basic framework on what people have learned to follow, starting from the rules of classroom.

My work space

My work space

Another observation that I addressed today to a female colleague I was conversing with was about sexual harassment policies for the organization. As I was going through the HR policies, I spotted no section on it and was advised by a dear friend to definitely look into it. What my colleague answered was that there is no harassment whatsoever as this organization is reputable and people are on friendly terms. I, of course, could not muster up the courage to specifically ask about sexual harassment, but the answer does do justice for right now.

So within the time frame of 2 days, this is what I have to report back. I bid you ado with a note that I am on probation for 6 months before I can take any sort of leave. Wish me luck. 🙂